Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Gift of Appreciation

I recently finished a two-year term as president of the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild.  Traditionally, the outgoing president is given a quilt made by the group as a whole.  
This is the quilt I was presented.  It measures 77" x 90".  
I just love it!

And a close-up view......

The back is mostly black, but a few more blocks and some black-and-white fabric appears 
in a stripe on the back.

The quilting is done with a multi-colored variegated thread.  Such fun!!

I just love all the bright colors!  It has made a home on my couch and has come in handy for snuggling under during the cold winter we are having this year, the winter that doesn't seem to want to end!   (Yep, more snow tonight and tomorrow.)

If you are a member of a guild, I encourage you to volunteer to fill some of those positions that always need filling.  It's a wonderful way to meet other guild members!  (And if it's not already written into your bylaws, suggest a two-year maximum term for any volunteer.  It's enough time that you still feel fresh but not so long that you start to feel burned out.)  

I will always cherish this quilt and the memories it recalls of my time 
as president of a really neat group of quilters!


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